Whitney's new album cover

Whitney Houston's 'I look to you' album cover
I know they say black don't crack. But I bet it would if you pushed Whitney over in this picture. She looks like a mannequin. I'm not a fan of back combed wigs, weaves and hair styles that resemble Mufasa from The Lion king. And somebody clearly clicked the f**k out of a mouse in Photoshop on Whitney's face. But Whitney looks nice. Boring. But nice, dignified and rather regal. It reminds me a lot of her second studio album cover. Only with 100% more wig weave and more assertiveness.

I can't say I'm looking forward to this new album. I'll cop it. Because I like me some Whitney. But I'm just not hotly anticipating it. Rodney Jerkins' name hasn't surfaced as somebody that Whitney has hit the studio with, which I'm surprised and a little disappointed about. The songs he contributed to My love is your love were my faves. "It's not right but it's okay" and "Get it back" sound as hot now as they did 11 years ago.

Whitney's official lead single will be "Million dollar bill" which is produced by the f**k buddies production duo: Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats. I really do hope the end result isn't hand claps, 808's with a piano tinkling away in the background as Whitney (tries to) sing. Although, that doesn't sound half bad... I mean shit! Mariah did it.

That "I didn't know my own strength" mess is now being billed as a promo, buzz joint. With any luck Clive Davis will haul Whitney back to the studio to re-record that shit. Because it was a nice song that she sounded a crusty mess on.


  1. She looks straight outta the House of Wax.


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