Ayaka's history

Ayaka's history promo shot. Sporting a new hair do that doesn't look like 8 year old extensions matted to her head.
Now. I love Ayaka. I think she's one of many underrated J-chicks in the music game who seems to get trampled on amongst the bullshit that Ayumi Hamasaki, Kumi Koda and other Avex bitches be releasing daily. But after only 2 albums, should she really be dropping a Best album!? And one called Ayaka's history at that!? It seems to me like her record company is just capitalizing on her impending absence from the music game. I hope it's a case of her label wanting to milk her and not dropping this shit because they think she's gonna die.

Ayaka's history will feature one disc of all of her singles, with the limited edition release featuring an additional disc with 10 songs chosen by fans and a photo book which shows Ayaka sporting a new hair do, that doesn't have her looking like a homeless woman with 8 year old extensions matted to her scalp.

There should be a law against the frequency of Best albums in Japan. Artists be releasing them way too soon and before they even have a catalogue of music that spans more than 2 long play releases.

Ayaka's history will mark the last Ayaka release before she takes time off to spend time to focus on spending time with her husband and battling Graves' disease. Hopefully Ayaka will benefit from her time off and come back to the scene stronger than ever. Because the girl is a real genuine talent, and is currently the envy of every Japanese girl, having snagged Hiro Mizushima as her husband.

The deal with Ayaka's 2 albums: First message | Sing to the sky


  1. Yeah, Ayaka Iida is one of my favourite J-Pop singers. I hope she gets better and continues to sing after.

  2. hope she gets better too!
    it seems early to drop a best of album but kumi drops one every year so i guess its ok :P lol


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