B-Rocka and Kels are tight again

Brandy and Kelly Rowland are friends again! (Yay for sisterhood!!)
Looks like Kelly and Brandy are friends again! They've been on friendly terms for a while now: they're forever twittering at one another. But this is the first time they've been seen together since they had their little falling out a good while back. Kelly and Brandy were tight. But Brandy made comments about the Beyondroid and her daddy and how daddy only has his robot daughter at heart - words to that effect. Kelly didn't like it and froze a bitch out. But now it seems after realizing Brandy was right all along, the two of them are kicking it again! No doubt talking over lunch about how they be putting out good albums just to have them flop, how they ain't got record deals 'n shit and then delaying whose paying the bill because neither chicks have got shit in their wallet but dust and a hair clip.

I'd love for these two to do something together. Especially after Brandy and her (then) husband hooked Kelly the frick up for her song "Love Hate" on her solo debut.

And I've gots to say: I don't think Kelly or Brandy have looked this hot in EVER! Both chicks are glowing and look hot. So aside from the record label and music situation, shit must be good in their lives. I really do hope they both put out a new album by the end of 2010 and that Kelly Rowland stays away from that dance bullshit. Every time I hear "When love takes ovuuuuuuuuuhh. Yeeee-aaaahh!" my balls shrivel up.


  1. That first paragraph is comedic gold! XD

    Both ladies are looking mighty fine. A collabo with them two would be awesome!

  2. i like when love takes over and since its been a massive hit worldwide maybe kelly should move in that direction since her last efforts got trampled on by beywolf :P just a thought lol

  3. The girls are looking fabulous. Just fresh and beautiful not overly made up..... I'm talking to you Mariah.

  4. And they both got tit jobs, I believe.


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