Bada's goes "Mad" on Music bank and M! Countdown

Bada performs "Mad" on Music bank

Bada performs "Mad" on M! Countdown

Hot performances. Bada and the choreography were both cute, but still sexy and hot. The jury is out on whether she mimed or not though. Certain parts sounded live, and others didn't. Her vocals sounded a little too perfect in places. Granted: the dancing wasn't that vigorous. But there were definitely times during her dances where she was getting her shake 'n shimmy on, yet the vocals weren't wavering even a little. I think it was a case of half live, half miming. I could be wrong, but it's how it looked and sounded to me. The performances were still hot though. Simple, but hot and polished.

"Mad" is another K-jam that I've fallen for big time.


  1. Bada has always had amazing live performances, with more than thirteen years of performing on stage, the intense training before her debut, and the constant practice from doing plays, it's no surprise she sounds great.


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