BEP on the set of "Meet me halfway"

The Black eyed peas on the set of their music video for their single 'Meet me halfway'
I'm really glad that the Black eyed peas are going for "Meet me halfway" as their next single, because the song is f**king great. Yeah, I said it. Like Tony the Tiger with a potty mouth. F**king great. Straight 80's. Not only is it a great song, but it sits nicely next to "Boom Boom Pow" and "I got a feelin'". Each single to come off of The E.N.D is different from the last which is a good tactic to go for. Because if folk don't like one sound and aren't enticed to cop the album, then chances are they may like another. Good ploy. I'm surprised they're releasing it though, given the song dropped during the countdown to The E.N.D.

I hope BEP do a bad ass video for this song. "Boom Boom Pow"'s video was utter shit. "I got a feeling"'s video was good fun, so I hope "Meet me halfway" goes a bit epic on our arses. The group is looking hot on the set. Even Fugly Ferg, but that's probably because I can barely see her face. I really am feelin' what is wearing. That's one fly looking waistcoat. I generally do like's style, although he has fallen off once or twice. And Taboo stays workin' his new hair style. Dude actually looks like he has some potential appeal now, opposed to a weed smoking rapist.


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