Boys' generation swag it to "Genie"

I was wondering when we'd get a performance of "Tell me your wish (Genie)" from Boys' generation. I now wonder no more...

Bitches should be ashamed. Once again the boys did their shit better than the girls. The boys' voices sounded really good on the song and I like how it sounded taken down a couple of keys. MC Mong's auto-tuned vocals also added that something. I'm not sure what exactly, but by golly they did! The boys also nailed the choreography. That freaky leg dance shit didn't look too good except for when Taemin did it. I guess you have to have frail skinny legs to be able to pull it off. Taemin could've passed for Yoona. At times I genuinely thought it was her. He certainly has better legs. And even though Taecyeon seemed pretty invisible during this performance, he was nailing the HELL out of the dance steps on the down low. He actually danced the best. Yes Taecyeon. I saw how well you took it down to the floor at the 1:28 mark: windin' and working that shit at the side like nobody would notice, and how you came out of that slow whine on the sly at 1:43.

It's a shame the original Boy's generation members weren't on hand to show the SNSD-bots how you gets down to "Tell me your wish (Genie)". Especially Jo Kwon, because let's be real: Jo Kwon would've blown these guys and Girls' generation out of the water with the swagger and fierceness. But the 2PM and SHINee boys with the help of MC Mong did just fine.

I think Taecyeon not-so-secretly likes to perform Korean girl groups' songs. A returning member of Boys' generation and a stint in Dirty eyed girls! Damn.

Watch 'em go for the first time: Boys' generation's debut


  1. I just can't handle the SHINee boys. They are way too girly. It's borders on creepy. I loved MC Mong in this. He was great and handle the whole thing really well.

    Did you happen to check the dance battle between the girl groups?

  2. Mc Mong made me laugh. And Taec and Wooyoung are starting to be the 2PM members that are poured into the girly stuff now.

    I don't really like it, what the hell did they to Taemin too?


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