Crystal and BoA on Music station

Damn. BoA walked past Morning musume and OG in the hallway like she did NOT want to acknowledge them. Crystal gracefully smiled and said "Hi!" in the midst of the "Yoroshiku onegaishimasu"'s, BoA just done a half arsed little shimmy, gave a raw ass bow and just walked off swinging her orangutan arms like she was fed up. Not cool. Not graceful. Morning mususme and OG are manufactured garbage. But it ain't their fault BoA's shit is failing in the US and that SM are working her like Kunta Kinte. At least she perked up for the interview, but she still seemed distant and fed up. Everybody seemed to look pissed off except the hosts, Morning mususme, OG and Crystal Kay herself. Gacket was sat right next to BoA and couldn't even act like he was paying attention, and Ayumi 'Robot face' Hamasaki was sat behind staring at the floor. I guess robot face's batteries were powered down.

Crystal and BoA's performance of "Girlfriend" doo-doo'd all over when the ladies hit the same stage to perform "Universe" last year. There was a distinct lack of energy and this shit was boring as hell to watch. But both CK and BoA sounded great. This is certainly one of the best performances I've seen from BoA in a good while. Because the shit she's been doing in the US barely qualify as performances. Anybody can shake a leg on stage, swing their hair about and shout the words "I'll eeechu up!" and "I, I, I did it, did it, did it for love!!". Speaking of the US - why is BoA not over there? She has a re-release of her album due next month, plus didn't she just release a single over there? BoA needs to know what time it is.

How it sounds on the CD: BoA returns the favour of Crystal's "Girlfriend"


  1. She's releasing a single in Japan in October, maybe that's why *shrugs* Either way, she needs to get back here to the States to promote.

    Then again, she herself said that if her English career doesn't work, she doesn't really care.

  2. That's a great attitude to have isn't it! *shakes head* The thing is though, is that BoA could release a single in Japan with minimal promotion and still have it fly into the top 10 on the Oricon charts. Where as she needs to really promote hard in the US to push her releases. I'm talking Korea style: Live performances 24/7 and up on every TV show.

    If SM entertainment were always going to have her releasing singles in Japan alongside her US release - then they shouldn't have bothered with her US release at all. All her English language release has done is waste peoples' time. It's mad how her rubbish album managed to get 3 music videos and a re-release, whilst Utada's hot 'This is the one' album got one music video with no signs of Def Jam looking to push the album further.


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