Crystal and Kaname perform on Music Fighter

You hear how Crystal held that shit at 1:45? CK is no fluke in the vocal department. Such a hot voice

"After love ~First boyfriend~" hasn't grown a great deal on me. The song is on my iPod, but I've not played it once. I just find the song boring. And even though Crystal's performed the song pitch perfect on each occasion she's sung it live and looked great too, I still am not in love with the song. And am still wondering why Kaname was put on the song. He may as well have not been on it at all or been replaced with Jin Akanishi. Having Jin on board would've helped Crystal push some units. Girl needs all the help she can get. "After love ~First boyfriend~" is sat comfortably in the 30's region of the Oricon singles chart.


  1. If the song is that boring, why not take it off your ipod then?

  2. Because it's Crystal Kay. She never comes off of the iPod.

  3. lol nynyonline got slapped down! :P
    just kiddin, this isnt crystals best but i like it and she looks super hot too! lol

  4. *LOL* @ "nynyonline got slapped down! :P"

    OI. Stop stirring shit, you! ;P


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