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The best of Crystal Kay [CD's only edition] The best of Crystal Kay [CD's + DVD edition]
Many wondered what the heck was going to happen to the new songs Crystal had recorded after the track list for her 'Best' album had surfaced and they were glaringly omitted. Well it turns out that Crystal's second 'Best' album will feature a third disc containing new material! Crystal's collaboration with BoA will feature on the second disc as a hidden track, whilst additional new songs from Crystal will feature on a third. The songs included on this disc are all collaborations with popular artists and producers.

"Over and over" is produced by Taku Takuhashi of M-Flo, "Step by step" is produced by one half of Capule and Perfume producer Nakata, "Helpless night" will feature Jin Akanishi of Johnny's bitches J-boy group KAT-TUN and "Private dancer" will feature J-rappers Mummy-D and Kreva.

The song "After love ~First boyfriend~" is surprisingly absent. I was initially shocked when I saw the song "Helpless night" with Jin Akanishi was to be included and not "Wonder". But "Wonder" was credited as Jin Akanishi featuring Crystal Kay, which makes the song his. So "Helpless night" is all Crystal's. A real shame, because "Wonder" sounded hot and like it was on a CK tip. More tracks are to be confirmed for the disc of new material. both "Wonder" and "After love" could still make the cut. It'd be stupid for "After love" not to, given it was a single and the promotional artwork and single art featured the same font and style as the Bext album itself.

I'm glad we have some new songs on the compilation. But it's also a shame there wasn't that collaboration album I was beginning to think Crystal was working on. And it's also a shame these songs are tacked onto a 3rd disc on their own. It would've been nice to have had them sandwiched in between the hits. Can't really argue though. This Best album is shaping up to be one of the best I've seen in a while. All the hits and new hotness. Can't argue with that!

I'm just glad "Over and over" is being included. Because I've been wanting the song in my life for too long. The ragged radio rip has been raped on my computer on many late nights. I need to be 2 steppin' to CD quality "Over and over" ASAP.


  1. yeah baby! crystal is gonna low up all over japan this time!
    she deserves to be bigger so i hope this goes well for her ill be buying it ASAP! :P


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