Crystal got dat 'Boom Boom Pow' at J-wave 2000+9 (other bitches don't get a look in)

POW! Crystal Kay looking HAWT at the J-Wave live
POW! I bet you didn't know Crystal had it like THAT! I certainly didn't think Crystal had it in her to rock something so skimpy and sexy on stage. I could tell you what I think Crystal needs in her, but I won't. I've decided to try and curb the nasty.

Other popular chicks in the J-game were snapped on stage at J-wave's event too. But none of them looked as hot as Crystal. Even J-Pop ho Kumi Koda didn't manage hold a candle to her. I'm not sure why I'm even bothering to post pictures of the other ladies, but you can catch 'em below, if you care.

Kumi and her sister take to the stage to give us 2x the live husky warblingAyaka doesn't give a s**t about no medical condition, and takes to the stage like an absolute pro.Why is BoA still in Japan!?Kumi's back to rocking a weave, Misono hustles like she'll ever come out of her sisters shadow and be remotely as successful, Super-Ayaka still puts on a show despite her health conditions, and I see BoA is still in Japan. She has an album re-releasing in the States, why the hell is she not performing over there!?


  1. yea have to be faie crystal looks hot but stop hating on BoA shes so nice :P


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