Crystal, "Koi ni ochitara" and the HAWTness

She sounded great. Her laugh is cute. Them titties were looking GOOD in that dress. I love how Crystal is working her feminine sexuality as of late: with her "After love -First boyfriend-" music video and her live performance get-up at J-wave 200+9. She needs to stay with it. Legs and titties sell. Just look at Kumi Koda. She's made a career out of ever-changing weaves, opening her legs and looking like a hot ho in music videos. I don't want Crystal to go to Kumi's extreme. But selling a tiny bit mo' sex wouldn't hurt. Especially if she came to my house and sold it to me.

"Koi ni ochitara" is a song I and most other CK fans should be sick to back teeth of. But I just love the song to pieces and love it more with each listen. It's just a really nice song. It's a shame Crystal hasn't had as single be as successful since. Especially having released much better and damn near classic songs between then and now. "Konna ni chikaku de..." should have imploded the Oricon charts, "One" should've done big things with it being a hot song and being tied to a Pokémon film: but Epic records just didn't push them.


  1. Epic never comes correct with Crystal! She has had great single since Koi ni Ochitara, and she should be pushing big units.

  2. epic are epic douchevags! :P <3 u crystal!


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