The Dirty eyed girls in rehearsals

Watch the Dirty eyed girls (should be Dirty eyed boys) learn the sexy (and bloody infectious) routine to Brown eyed girls' "Abracadabra" and act arses as they do so. Those who want to learn the dance or watch the OneDay boys work their arses and pelvises should pay attention...

Jo Kwon had me in tears! When he fixed up his hand like money during Ga-in's verse (as she actually does in the music video) I damn near lost it in fits of laughter. You can tell he's a fan of the song and the music video: knowing parts of the dance and even the lyrics long before they have to learn it.

Unfortunately, in the 5th episode of Wild Bunny you don't get to watch the full performance of the song or their stint with Brown eyed girls themselves. Rumours are abound that the video will get released by the boys themselves. It certainly doesn't look like the full video will surface in episode 6 if the previews are anything to go by. We will get to see the performance in all its hilarious glory. It's just a matter of when. I'd love for them to do it live. Hopefully they will. Given the K-Pop game likes to mix it up with artists and songs on a regular basis - it's certainly a possibility.

I'll tell you one thing now. I'm not a huge fan of 2PM's music. They're not the best singers, rappers and (aside from Jay) are not the best dancers. But I dig 2PM purely on their personalities and how they aren't wrapped up in trying to be these plastic, expressionless, boring idols. I really did not care much about 2PM until their Wild bunny series came around. Now I've got a lot of love for 'em. They seem like a great bunch of guys: fame and Korean stardom aside.


  1. Jo Kwon really is a joker! He makes me laugh with the octave competition, learning the dance and then with the recording of the song.

    2PM have become my favourite boy group and my formers DBSK are now having problems with SM.

    I also doubt the next episode will show the part when Jaebeom is having a "strange neck fit" and they are only doing it for mangoes.

    I think that will be the episode afterwards - unfortuantely. I think producers of Wild Bunny show a bit too much, they show the next episode and the episode after that which isn't very good really.


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