Drake drops

Whilst other n***a ass rappers be telling stories of their career war wounds, like "Oh, I got head shot with a Sniper rifle and survived" or "I crashed my Bentley, had it fly into the air like Burnout and I walked out of the wreckage as my shit blew up behind me". Drake'll be all like "I twisted my ankle on stage 30 seconds into my set, and had my ass hang out as my n***a's helped me up off the floor". I have no idea how 'serious' the injury was. But Michelle 'The third wheel' Williams hauled her arse up after the fell on BET and Beyoncé 'The Beyondroid' Knowles thrashed her weave during a performance of "Ring the alarm" fresh after having her ass fly down some stairs. Drake needs to man up. I do like his song "Best I never had" though. Though I would've liked it even more of Kanye rapped on it himself.


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