Miming Mimi on America's got talent

If America's got talent, then Mariah wasn't the best showcase of it. Trust Mariah to take a song like "Obsessed" and perform it with no impact, no punch and zero sass. At the very least, she looked good and kept the titties tamed.

Miming Mimi sounded a mess on the few occasions she actually sung live. "Obsessed" should be a song that requires zero effort to sing, because it's not in a high register, doesn't require belts and Mariah's just about singing on the song as it is. Yet, Mariah still managed to sound a mess. You gotta give it to her. At least home girl is consistent with the messy performance. I see marriage and her slated performances last year didn't encourage her to train her voice a little more, rehearse and get herself a choreographer. All she did was stand on the spot for the first 30 seconds, walk over some n***a's for 10 seconds, stand on the spot for another 30 seconds, get lifted by n***a's for 10 seconds and then have n***a's dance around her as Mariah does her trademark stay on the spot for 30 seconds. Miming Mimi needs to fix up. But she hasn't by now, so she never will.


  1. an average performance by anybodys standards . . .
    cant believe she used to have the most amazing voice ever . . she pulled it out a bit at 3:30 :P

    she must be shit scared about leonas new stuff! lol

  2. That sucked. Modest my ass. Thank you for gracing us with your shit voice for all of 20 seconds live. Really, why even bother if you're just going to lip synch 95% of it?

    I get tired of seeing these stars perform on talent shows and end up not being as good as the contestants.


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