Music video: Bada featuring Untouchable - Mad

This song doesn't annoy me as much as it should do. I rather like it. Actually. I LOVE the song. I dig the beat. Korea has some hot producer workin' beats. And whilst the producers had a full licence to auto-tune the hell out of Bada's vocals, they didn't. Which I'm both surprised about, and kind of like. Auto-tune would've been over kill on this song. It works better with Bada's raw Bollywood-esque vocals and a bit of reverb.

The video is whack though. After Brown eyed girls pulled their shit out of the bag with their music video for "Abracadabra" and 2NE1 did the damn thing with theirs for "Fire" - chicks in Korea are going to have to pull out all the stops and come with solid choreography, hot outfits and cool lightning to really make their videos pop.


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