Music video: Baek Ji Young featuring Taecyeon - My ear's candy

Taecyeon is a handsome guy, but even he couldn't pull of those stupid tasselled glasses that Beyoncé's semi-re-popularized in her "Diva" music video and Big Bang's TOP has worn on occasions. They looked stupid. And the lipstick... 2PM are no strangers to make up. Them dudes be going through more eye liner and lip gloss than Brown eyed girls. So it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that Taec more make up caked on his face than Baek Ji Young.

I'm not keen on the song. Ear candy my arse. It's rubbish! It sounds like a really bad dance record from the early 90's. And whilst the video looked shiny, had flashing lights and cool special effects: it was really boring to watch. I much rather would've seen these 2 recreate Baek's 2000 sex tape with her manager (Google is your friend!) whilst green lasers pulsated to the beat of the song.


  1. I love this and I'm learning the dance for it.

    Since watching this video, Taecyeon has become my favourite 2PM member. The only problem I have is him being a fashion terriost.

    The sunglasses suit him in my opinion and I'm envious of Baek Ji Young. I wouldn't bring up the sex tape, wasn't that a good 9 years ago?

  2. It doesn't matter whether the sex tape was 9 years ago or 19 years ago. It still happened, will always follow Baek Ji Young and would've been more entertaining to watch than this music video.


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