Music video: Crystal Kay featuring Kaname (of Chemistry) - After love -First boyfriend-

This video was more boring than I thought it was gonna be. Honestly. When are Epic gonna give Crystal a high budget for a video and when are her people gonna approve a good video treatment!? I'm not big on this song. But a hot music video could've swayed me into liking it that little bit more.

Crystal looked hot. And it was nice to see the post production peeps didn't pull some Adobe After effects to CGI out her blackness. But the whole thing was just boring to watch. There was zero chemistry between Crystal and Kaname; who both seemed as disconnected in this music video as they do on the song. It was glaringly obvious they didn't shoot their shit at the same time and did not share a set. And the whole thing looked more like a mobile phone commercial over staying its welcome than a music video.

Watching Crystal's debut live performance of this was much better. As was watching the 15 second coffee adverts the song is tied in with.

Kuri live: The debut performance of "After love -First boyfriend-"
Watch him go: Kaname starring in a HOT music video of his own


  1. i actually like this song, its really pretty (like crystal!) but i agree that the video isnt that good and needs a bigger budget :P
    if sony pumped money into decent vids etc for crystal she would be huge! :P

  2. I really love the song, not compared to the other single on the other side, "Girlfriend feat. BoA". But the video seems like a ripoff of "Hate That I Love You feat. Ne-Yo" by Rihanna. I like it but it's too similar.

  3. I really like this song and the video. I haven't seen the Ne-Yo/Rhianna thing but I like the kind of sweet an innocent vibe. I'm tired of all the bumping and grinding and simulated "sex" I see in a lot of videos.


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