Music video: Dirty eyed girls - Brown eyed girls "Abracadabra" spoof

I...could...not...stop LAUGHING as I watched this. The whole thing was a mess, but it was damn funny. I feel so conflicted about this video. It was stupid, but it was actually pretty cool. Jo Kwon looked better than he should have in what he was wearing, and he was KILLING it with all the moves: the hip swingin', the taking it down to the floor, the shimmying. I cannot knock his hustle. He has too much swagger when he channels his inner female pop star. His talents truly are wasted when he doesn't. And who knew Wooyoung had fierce swagger too! His scene during his verse was definitely special with the head rolling and sticking the leg up. And how about Chansung during the breakdown, eh? He looked like he was taking his shit seriously when he got low. Ga-in best watch herself!

Taecyeon didn't do such a horrid job with the styling. I've seen 2PM wear worse shit on stage than what these guys rocked for this spoof. The only 2 who looked really stupid were Wooyoung and Seulong. The others looked alright.

Speaking of Taecyeon, he was pretty invisible during the whole thing. His presence wasn't as strong as the other guys. He seemed like he was thinking too much about trying retaining his manliness. Something that the other 2PM guys seemed to look concerned about during certain parts. Only the 2AM guys seemed to just have fun, run with the shit and really not care about making full arses of themselves.

All of the 2PM and 2AM boys involved did a great job, but Jo Kwon really did steal the entire show. His swagger is of legend to me now. His crazed out shimmy at the 3:00 mark sealed the deal. Even Brown eyed girls (who looked amazing) and Juhno, Jay and Nick Khun's cameo appearances at the end got overshadowed by Jo Kwon's swagger, which had already infested the entire video by the time they rolled around.

The original: Brown eyed girls "Abracadabra" music video
Behind the scenes: The Dirty eyed girls get it down


  1. Jo Kwon is spectacular. Where did they find him??

  2. I think because it was a messy parody that it made it funny.

    Who knew Taec's stylin made the boys look so good especially Jo Kwon? I mean, seriously. When he did his shimmy, I was surprised.

    Jo Kwon and Wooyoung made me laugh the most. They can really make people laugh and have a good time. And at the end, I loved seeing Jaebeom, Nichkhun and Junho join in. Episode 6 should be subbed by time2sub2 on YouTube soon so I can't wait to watch that.

  3. Krystle, I have no idea. But what I do know is that Jo Kwon stole the show with this. He just kept workin' his shit whenever the camera was on him. Check his look at 0:24. POW! You can't teach that. His shimmy at 3:04. POW! Chicks wish they could do that. :D


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