Music video: Shakira - She Wolf

This video had me thinking one thing, and one thing only: "I'd give Shakira one". Heck, I'd give her two, three, four, as long as my shit can hold out! The moves she was putting down in that cage were just sex, sex, and mo' sex. I mean, that slow booty rise at the 1:20 mark left nothing to my imagination. I had no idea Shakira had it like that with the legs. She was opening and closing them like a Wal-Mart cash register. Sure, some of the dance moves looked like she was suffering from a nut allergy and an epileptic fit simultaneously. But when she's looking as fine she is in this video - who cares!?

The video itself wasn't all that great. Better camera work and more striking lighting would've made this pop even more. And the scene of Shakira dancing on the rooftop near the end looked horrendous. But the way she was putting down in the cage and that black asymmetrical body suit was so sexed out that it was easy to turn a blind eye at times. No doubt people will compare this shit to a Beyondroid video and Ciara's "Love Sex Magic". I did a couple of times, I won't lie.

I'm digging the song too. It's different for Shakira, but it works. I really like it. I don't think I've liked a Shakira song like this in ever! It has the potential to do big things for her.


  1. I've known Shakira had it like that since the first time I saw her shake them hips. She has an awful voice, but she's one of the exceptions that it doesn't matter when you look like that and can the ass like that.

    Drop dead SEXY!

  2. Hold up now; AWFUL VOICE?! This song may not be the best example of it, but Shakira's voice is FAR from awful.

  3. she has a uniq but cool voice, i love this song out of all her songs ive heard but im a bit lt down by the vid (except for her ass!:P) lol

  4. Maybe awful isn't the word. How about annoying? Yeah, that's the word. I'll give you unique though.

  5. I think her voice can be beautiful, in her ballads, ya know?

    It is admittedly... "different" though.


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