Music video: Sugababes - Get sexy

Whack video. Whack. Whack. Whack! The whole thing looks like it was filmed for an AS level Media studies project. The setups were cool and the girls looked hot. But the lack of energy and lack of flair with the whole video just pushed this into the fail bin. The music video was a real chance for the Sugababes to make this song really pop, and I feel they blew it. "Get sexy" will still be a hit in the UK. But this video won't win other those who weren't into the song in the first place, or help them gain worldwide appeal. I guess with the money their label has spent on draughting in Ne-Yo, Stargate, Tricky Stewart and RedOne for their seventh studio album that something had to give. And that 'something' was their music video.

Hear it again: The Sugababes single "Get sexy"
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  1. I'm not impressed. All their lead single music videos have had decent budgets, high energy and great choice of song to boot - this has none of these.

  2. the songs great but im a bit dissapointed with the video :(
    even the song amelle did with tinchy strider had a better vid :P


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