Official artwork vs ?J's: Ciara - Work

The official single artwork for Ciara's 'Work'... Random J's single artwork for Ciara's 'Work'...

I've hated all of the cover arts that have dropped for Ciara's Fantasy ride so far. And "Work"'s just adds insult to injury. Even Ciara's titty spillage isn't enough to detract from how bad it looks. Just half arsed and dusty.

It's a damn shame that "Work" has pretty much flopped. I barely hear it on the radio and could count on one hand how many times I've heard it in a club (2 as I write this). Yet I've heard some of the most obscure and exclusive R&B cuts played in clubs with regularity, with the "Black and beatz vibes baby!!" tagged blatantly over the top, where a n***a just downloaded that shit onto their MacBook by jacking the venue's Wi-Fi, slung it in iTunes and pressed play.

Not a good look. Especially with "Work" being absolute fire and having itself an equally hot music video.

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  1. Really? Thanks to you, I can't stop listening to Work. I don't care what others say.

  2. "Work" is a hot song. I love it. But Ciara's not promoting it in the UK at all. A real shame, because it has a lot going for it. When I heard it in the club I thought everybody (especially the girls) would get DOWN. But everyone just stood there like they either hadn't heard the song before, or hated it. I didn't give a damn. So I danced to it on my own. *lol*

  3. Damn, I thought the one on the left with the pink was yours at first. *lol*

    But now that I know, yours is much better.


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