Sean Kingston and his Xbox 360 avatar

Sean Kingston's 'Tomorrow' album cover
I know Sean Kingston isn't the sexiest looking n***a on the block. But did he really have to duck out of featuring his own photographed mug on the cover of his album and opt for an Xbox 360 avatar instead!? Not every album has to feature a photo of the artist on its cover to be good. It can feature an elaborate piece of artwork (Michael Jackson's Dangerous), feature nothing and be enigmatic (The Beatles White album) be simplistic and to the point (Kanye West's 808s & heartbreak). Whatever is gone for, it should have a bit of thought and impact behind it. This shit Sean Kingston has pulled looks lazy and half arsed. But I guess that's to be expected from a n***a who looks like an overweight ninja turtle, barely moves in his music videos and wears a gold Crayola chain around his neck.


  1. ha ha looks like the avatar s a lot thinner :P


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