A sneak peak at Crystal's gig in Odaiba

Crystal performed at the Odaiba festival a couple of days ago, and treated a bunch of dead pan looking people who can't even wave their hands to the beat to a debut performance of her song "Step by step".

I like how "Step by step" be sounding. With Nakata Yasutaka's production skills and Crystal Kay's vocal game - the song was never goiong to be rubbish. The studio recorded version WILL feature vocoders and auto-tune. Because Nakata don't let his shit leave the house without it. It's cool that the song still sounds like a Crystal song, and not Stephen Hawkins on a beat. As with all the other new CK songs that have begun tofloat around and surfaced: "Step by step" will be the theme to the Fuji television animated feature Kimba: The white Lion.

"Kuso!" to how people don't be filming how sets of Crystal's shit on their Ketai's and upload them to YouTube.

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  1. <3 her so much :P
    shes the one that first got me into j-pop :D

  2. Shit, Crystal Kay IS J-Pop, for me at least.

    But, you're right, J. Looks like Kuri's performing in front of an audience at the local country club. She's singing exclusive material and all they can think is, "I must dance with honor!"


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