The SNSD-bots do Britney and Gwen

The SNSD-bots took to the stage to cover a couple of songs, that those out of the K-Pop loop may recognize. Both performances were ragged, but I found them more interesting to watch than the girls' "Genie" performances. Lord knows I was at my limit with those performances and watching the under-fed girls flail their legs around out of sync.

Tiffany, Taeyeon, Sooyoung & Seohyun do "Womanizer"

Jessica, Yoona, Sunny & Yuri do "Hollaback girl"

The "Womanizer" performance shitted all over the ones Britney did for this song, but that's not saying much given how bad those on stage pieces of shits were. The girls' kept it straight Britney down to the wire though, because these chicks mimed just how Britney do. And the clothes were a mess too. Tiffany was the hottest looking out of all the girls, but then I saw the kicks and was like "No!" All the girls should've been in heels. How the hell you gonna put a chick in a sexy sparkly top and then put her in black leggings and trainers!?

The "Hollaback girl" performance was pretty decent. Well, except for Yoona who looked a straight fool in a New Era cap and sounded like doo-doo, and the word 'shit' being taken out of the song. The SNSD-bots to say it. But the song really does suck without it. 4 minute, After school and 2NE1 would've done this song MUCH better and looked hotter doing it. But it was cool seeing Jessica work some swagger. She pretty much made this performance. The girls didn't sound their best - but they at least sang live and didn't sound completely awful given all the chest poppin' they had to do whilst singing. Jessica needs to go eat a burger, or 6 though. Those legs are like HB pencils. I thought shit was going to break when she went down to the floor.


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