The SNSD-bots do "Sorry, Sorry"

The SNSD-bots had more energy in this performance than I've seen in any of their "Tell me your wish (Genie)" performances.

The girls all looked cute and like they were having fun. But this performance highlighted (more than their other performances) that most of the SNSD-bots are pretty crap dancers. The girls can handle swinging their skinny legs and waving their arms, but give 'em something with a bit more movement and they move like shit on a skateboard. Sooyoung, Heoyeon and Yuri get props though: because they absolutely killed their little section during the breakdown. They did that shit better than Super Junior themselves! It's clear who the better dancers in the group are. It must be why those 3 got put in the group, because they sure as hell can't sing.

The girls had mics, but I don't know why - 'cause none of the girls sang. Well, except for Taeyeon; who just had to step in at the end and f**k shit up with her shaky ass ad-libs and pull a face like she's the best thing since sliced bread. The girl really is nothing special. She needs to stop acting like she is. I'd take Tiffany over her any day of the week.

It's a shame the girls didn't perform the whole song. But the 57 seconds they spent performing it on stage shitted all over their 4 minute studio porn rendition of it a few months back.

The boys doin' it for themselves: Sorry, sorry music video


  1. I thought the performance was boring! I expected the girls too actually try to sing!

    And Taeyeon looks they way she does because they keep putting Yoona up in the front of the stage like her vocals carry the song. Taeyeon is trying to reclaim her spot as lead vocalist in the group. Lol.

  2. Well Kyrstle, now they are ending their performances now on 15th August.


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