The Sugababes debut performance of their follow up to "Get sexy"

The Sugababes are wasting NO time with their seventh studio album. "Get sexy" is still doin' rounds as the lead single, yet they're already letting the second out of the bag: the RedOne produced "About a girl".

As soon as the song started up, I was on board. The beat sounds like it has some hot knocking potential and that RedOne did not mess around in giving the girls a hot pop jam to do rounds in the clubs, as well as a song that sounds like something the Sugababes would normally do, unlike "Get sexy".

It's understandable why the girls went for "Get sexy" as a lead as it got people talking whether they like it or not. Plus it was guaranteed to get spun on pop and also get major spins on urban radio - which no Sugababes single has done in the past. But I do prefer "About a girl" and can't wait to hear the recorded album version.


  1. sounds AMAZING!:D (and theyre live!)
    cant wait to get the album! this is the time for them too crack america :P
    <3 sugababes! :P


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