Terminal Timberlake

Justin looks diseased. Terminally diseased
Justin looks like he just got ghetto stomped with terminal AIDS, Cancer, Tuberculosis... You name it if it's terminal, Justin looks like he got it. No disrespect to anybody with any of these diseases. But Justin just looks ILL for somebody who isn't.

Dude was looking good during Justified. Nowadays he looks like a terminally diseased crack head who gives head for fixes. I'm not sure what's happening. Maybe Jessica Biel is f**king the sexy out of him. Who knows! But dude looks messy.

On the music front, I wonder if Justin plans to record a new album. He's so busy racking up song writing and production credits for other artists that I forget dude is a recording artist himself! I'm not hotly anticipating a new album from him. I wasn't much of a fan of FutureSex/LoveSounds (even though I did play the title track and "SexyBack" beyond death). But it would be cool to know if he was working on new material and who with. Justin has always worked at his own pace with his material, and on the down low. So when it drops, it drops I guess.


  1. hes an absolut asshole!
    he loves himself and thinks hes amazing, im supprised he and jessica can get into bed together with their massive egos lol

    hes ugly too . . .


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