You call this a dance battle!?

Four young ladies from four of Korea's currently hot girl groups took to a stage to have a bit of a friendly dance off. Shame there wasn't much dancing though. I have to confess to be being a little pissed. I feel like The Forehead's "Breakin' dishes" and Britney's "Gimme more" went to a fair bit of waste here. Especially from a couple of girls who can hold a routine....

This wasn't so much a dance battle as it was a 'Let's see who can shake their lack of booty the most whilst demonstrating a lack of rhythm'. A dance battle should have actual dancing. Not 3 girls putting two hands on the wall whilst they poke out their continuous backs, as 1 girl has a seizure on the far right. I got love for Ga-in and Minzy, but they flopped with this shit. I expected Minzy to turn shit OUT and make the other girls feel like rubbish, but even she was a mess. She was the better of the four, but she could have come better. The constant crumping and poppin' (whatever that shit was she was doing) got old after 4 seconds, and listening to that damn Black eyed peas song "Imma be, Imma be, Imma Imma, Immma be" didn't help neither.

To think some of these girls went through intense dance lessons before debuting as well. Ha! Intense dance lessons by left arse cheek.


  1. haha! I still loved Minzy in this. Thought she handled herself well and seeing some of her other dancing videos I think she can dance well with the right routine. The others?? Well, they didn't really dance.

  2. You're right. I guess dance battles in Korea are 20 - 30 secs for each person.

    Though Minzy squashed the competition. The others were just shaking their asses especially KARA Nicole though I do think she did well because I didn't know she could dance quite well.


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