2PM @ MNet's 20's choice

2PM appeared at Korea's MNET's 20's choice (which was a lot like MTV's VMA's when they were actually good during the pop explosion when Britney and *NSync ruled the world). They hit up the blue carpet in all matching white ensembles and white sandals that look like something my Grandad used to rock during his daily gazes on the veranda.

Not feeling the get-up myself. Then again, most of what these boys wear is questionable. And 2PM are so popular that I doubt girls even care. They were definitely bringing back the old 90's boy band feel by matching their shit together. God knows what happened with Chansung's hair though. He looked like a Korean Ol' dirty bastard.

The ever popular 2PM boys also performed at the event where they put on a display of coolness, a bit of swagger, foolishness and wetness. All of which you can catch below.

I don't like the songs "Again and again" and "I hate you" (too much auto-tune, weak vocals and too similar to one another) but the performances of them were cool. Not amazing or great. But cool to watch. The section in the middle with Soojin Park was funny, even though Taecyeon didn't look 100% comfortable with the routine. He's not the best dancer in the group, and bussin' moves opposite Jay definitely highlighted that.

And how about that un-sexy water scene, eh? Chansung and Jay made an attempt to switch on the sex, but the other guys weren't having any of it. One of the other 5 guys should have been dropping to their knees, grinding and caressing a body part. But they just stood there like "Oh my God, I'm getting showered with waturrr... Don't move! Don't move!" And Nick Khun's hair suffered like shit. His mullet looked like a dead dog in a puddle.

I've been harbouring a fair bit of love to these guys as of late all because of their Wild bunny antics. So it was this that made me like this performance more than anything. The performances reminded me of *NSync back in the day at the VMA's. It's a shame MNet's stage people f**ked up with the sets though. The water clearly didn't switch on when it was supposed to. And the platform the boys performed "Again and again" on did NOT look stable. Shit was shaking all over the place. I think the boys realized how unstable it was too, because they eased up significantly on the punch 'n glide during the chorus.

The boys have put on tighter performances on smaller stages. But overall this was cool to watch.


  1. They were hot.

    Well, Jaebeom and Junsu were mostly. Chansung would come next. The performance with the girl was good because Jaebeom was doing some more shaking than in Star King, Junho and Wooyoung's cute dance and Chansung's evil glare to Junsu in the tango like he was ready to murder. LOL! No seriously, that was funny!

  2. I can't believe they spent ~4min talking about hair and clothing. Some of them are kinda cute though.


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