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2PM fans show support for Jay by leaving post it's [images courtesy of |리더-재범-탈퇴한-밤-JYP-사무실-앞-풍경]

The Jay situation continues to spiral out of control and be even worse than it was before now that Jay has left the JYP building and also the country. Notes of love and support, petitions of hatred, boycotts. It's all poppin' off!

2PM fans show support for Jay by leaving post it's [images courtesy of |리더-재범-탈퇴한-밤-JYP-사무실-앞-풍경] 2PM fans show support for Jay by leaving post it's [images courtesy of |리더-재범-탈퇴한-밤-JYP-사무실-앞-풍경]

Many a fan have been leaving messages for the ex-leader of 2PM at JYP's main building. You'd think the guy had died! He may as well have at this rate. In the midst of the scandal it must be some form of solace for the 2PM boys and also JYP that not all of Korea hates Jay and that not everybody wanted him to leave. Leaving notes for Jay won't change anything and have him fly back to Korea any time soon. But still... it's the thought that counts.

A couple of days ago some anti-fans started a petition in support of Jay committing suicide, and has since been taken down. Jay has not raped anybody, murdered anybody or molested a young child. Shit needs to be put into perspective for a hot minute. These netizens need to be aware of people's mental state. What's to say that Jay isn't such an emotional wreck right now that he wouldn't take his own life? People need to be more careful with what they sling around. You can't be flippant about suicide.

Whether Jay is able to face Korea unknown is uncertain. But I can see him returning to the group after a couple of years. I honestly do not think that JYP would not leave the door open for Jay's return when he contributed so much to it. He didn't pluck the dude out of Seattle, fly him to Korea and have him be leader of his new boy group for nothing. Something he made clear in his official statement...

When Jaebum first came to Korea 4 years ago, he was very rebellious and out of line. He laughed at Korea and belittled his fellow trainees, even going so far as to see me as 'easy.' I believe he thought that being a Korean celebrity was something to laugh at. He was a boy that wanted to b-boy in the streets. He fought with company employees, his dance instructors, and made threatening statements.

At times, he even said that he did not like JYP Ent., and would name another rival company, wishing to be sent there instead. But what made us surprised even more was that when asked whether he had the guts to succeed, he said "We could succeed if we don't receive JYP's music." At this point, employees wondered why we were keeping such a rebellious boy. This is why his words 4 years ago are not surprising.

Then why would we keep such a kid? I love rebellious children. Rather than children that are nice up front but are calculating and evil behind my back, I love children that are rebellious up to my face. I loved the fact that he showed his emotions straight up. It gave me hope. Who would have the guts to utter such words to my face? To say that his failure depended on my bad music? I thought that it was funny.

I believed that rebellious children had too much energy, just no place to express that energy. Or they never met someone that would trust them enough to show them the correct path. I wanted to help this person go on stage and feel the energy and joy. As long as I could instill within him trust and love.

Through these efforts, he began to change. He began to hug his fellow trainees, start conversations with company employees, and began enjoying his time on the stage. After his debut, he felt a change in his heart at the news reporters and attentions that showed him in a positive light and began showing affection. He was touched at by the hearts of his fans.

But as things began to go up, like a sad movie scene, his entry from 4 years ago was released. He was so sorry. To his 2PM brothers, to me, to his company employees, to his fans.. and to nobody more than to his Koreans. He thought to himself that if he stayed any longer, his brothers would only get more hurt. He told me he did not have the confidence to get up on stage. I knew what he was saying too well to hold him back. And so he left. His last email to me said "I'VE BEEN A LITTLE PUNK IN THE PAST. I JUST WANT TO LET YOU KNOW THAT IT WAS A LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE. IT MADE ME A MUCH BETTER MUCH STRONGER PERSON AND I'M THANKFUL FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME. REAL TALK."

My heart was ripping. It hurt. But knowing what Koreans would feel at his words, an immense sense of betrayal, I could not say anything.

JYP is not stupid. I think he'd be wise to keep in contact with Jay and try to bring him back into the group in a couple of years time for an explosive comeback. What better way to reignite the group, cause mass chaos and head f**k with netizens!?

Despite JYP's official statement, fans are now saying they'll boycott JYP for not making Jay stay. You have to hand it to netizens and fans. Just when you think the situation can't get any more ridiculous, they find a way to spin it further out of control. Clearly they think JYP was in a position to put a Battle royale death collar of Jaebeom and threaten to kill him if he leaves Korea.

This whole situation has gotten WAY out of hand now. Fans need to support the active members of 2PM, and the anti's and netizens haters need to go have a private party: they got what they wanted out of Jay. He's left the country he said he hated 4 years ago. Somebody please get out some king size Crayola's and markers and draw a line under this shit.


  1. Bottom line he acted like a stupid idiot-head and said some very hurtful things but that was four years ago when I'm sure he was to full of himself. I think he should have stayed and talked it out and faced his fans with honesty.

    That whole suicide thing was messed up though ppl need to put this in perspective. To me this is like living up north and going to visit your relatives in the south and thinking they're backwards or something when you really don't know them. He may be back sooner than you think it all depends on how the tide turns. It's embarrasing but it's not the end of the world. It depends on how mature he is.

  2. I do think JYP should give them a clear statement obviously some are confused at the situation, I know I would be if I was protesting with them. But we will just have to see what happens in October IF 2PM do comeback and if Jaebeom may miraclously appear on stage so Hottest can be happy again.

    But as they boycotted, I don’t think they thought about the other 6 members. If you think about it this way, it seems like Hottest are forgetting about the others members who are still in the group and carrying on with their schedules while fans are boycotting for just Jaebeom to come back.

    I understand but it seems like they are neglecting the others.

    We can only hope Jaebeom is watching and also seeing the support around the world, maybe it will change him to comeback or maybe not.


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