Japanese wannabe diva vs. Korea's baddest diva

A Japanese dude who thought he had diva swag decided to take his shit to Star King and do battle with Korea's BADDEST diva: 2AM's Jo'Kwoncé. Of course he stood no chance and had no idea who he was dealing with until it was too late...

Jo'Kwoncé is a diva. The baddest. His swagger is honestly too much. Brown eyed girls Jea and those bitches in 4 minute and SNSD should be ashamed of themselves: having a dude from a ballad group show them how to work diva swagger.

Jo'Kwoncé's swagger knows no bounds. Sing it with me now....

♪ Jo'Kwoncé's a diva. Jo-Jo'Kwoncé's a diva!
Na na! Jo'Kwoncé is a diva and Korean hustla. A Korean hustla! A Korean hustla!! ♪


  1. I know, especially when I first saw him, I was like, "Wow! JoKwon's strange, gay rival can't beat him."

    But I kind of wish Jo Kwon didn't act like that sometimes. It's strange though because he has a nice body - good muscles.


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