Kang-in trouble with the po-po

Kang-in trouble
Another day, another boy band caught in a scandal. Super Junior's Kang-in is caught up in an assault case. He was kicking it with somebody at a bar knocking back some drinks, when an altercation took place, in which the police then got involved. Kang-in was taken in for investigations where he has pleaded innocent and that he was a victim. But CCTV footage supposedly reveals Kang-in wasn't the innocent bystander he's making himself out to be.

I want to see this video. We probably will soon. Netizens are like archaeologists with the way they dig up shit. So it wouldn't surprise me if one of them got a hold of the CCTV footage, uploaded it onto YouTube and then another scandal broke out about how some fan is under custody for stealing a tape. We can see how this'd go.

Kang-in is the one member of Super Junior who looks he could brawl it out. I don't find it hard to believe he threw some and went over a dudes back with a chair or a stool. If it was Heechul, I'd be like "Dude is innocent!" The only thing he'd get done for is indecent kissing and touching of another male in public. But Kang-in looks like he can throw down a beat down.

This isn't a good look for Kang-in. Getting involved with the police isn't a good look for anybody really. If he gets charged with anything, you can bet Slave Master entertainment will sling his ass out of the group. That's the thing about when you're in a huge group: you're interchangeable. Don't think for a second SM would think twice about turfing him. There's another 11 dudes in the group to hold fort and he's not in Super Junior M, so he could easily be slung out if the shit really does hit the fan. I hope for his sake he doesn't though. There's something cool and likeable about Kang-in. This scandal actually makes me like him more. I don't condone violence. But it's cool to know he's not this prissy dude in a boy band. And that he can hit a bar, get his drank on and brawl with the rest of 'em.

Super Junior Kangin's assault case caught on CCTV! @ allkpop


  1. I can actually imagine him doing it. Since how he treats his other Super Junior members on the camera, even if he is joking (or really letting off steam and doesn't care who sees), I wouldn't be surprised if he really did it.


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