Kumi Koda's does her "Physical thing" on CDTV

Kumi performs 'Physical thing' on CDTV
Kumi Koda hauled arse onto CDTV to perform the better of her double a-side single "Physical thing". After a good few months of rocking her natural hair, Kumi is back on the extensions again - throwing it back to her "Feel my mind" days. She looked really hot and put on a great performance.

This performance shitted all over the music video which was void of any swagger, dancing or point of interest other than thoughts of what one would do to Kumi Koda drunk in a hotel room with a wine bottle. I always wondered why the hell the music video didn't have a dance routine to go along with it when "Physical thing" is a song that really does call for one. Kumi usually never passes up a chance to shake her arse, show some leg and touch another woman's booty. Seems she got that shit out of her system with this performance. She sounded great. Looked great and the routine was cool. The break section with the little handstand kick thingy was really cool. Although a part of me (the horrible sadistic side that likes to laugh at people when they hurt themselves) was hoping she'd catch her weave under her hand and then drag herself back down and bust her head. Just because I'm sick like that.


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