Michael Jackson 'This is it' trailer

The show looked as big as everybody said it was going to be. Michael actually looked like he may have been able to pull this off. Well...the first few shows any way. I've always said that Michael would die on the tour if he went through with it. Regardless of how good he looks in rehearsals: doing a full length show day in, day out in his state was going to take a serious toll and have a 'once upon a time' n***a reaching for more pain killers and Demerol.

It's nice that fans will get to see bits and pieces of the tour, and give them something positive to remember him for - instead of the whole drugs and pain killer scandal which continues to get column space in tabloid newspapers. But part of me feels like Michael is being milked with this film. I don't want to be cynical where Michael is concerned, especially with his passing. But it's just how I feel about this all right now. That said, I would still like to see this. Just to see if Michael truly did STILL have it.


  1. It's too bad he never got to perform though for his fans. Many cried.

  2. I don't know about 50 shows, because that would have been extremely tough. But he definitely had that swagger and stage presence that he's always had, and I couldn't believe how good he looked.

    Btw, the video aint working anymore. It happened to me too.


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