Music video: f(x) - La cha ta

I think about every Korean girl in Korea between the age of 15 and 25 must be in a girl group. There is just so many of them now! I'm not surprised SM decided to put another group. It's more girls for them to milk money out of. Especially if they end up being as popular as their SNSD-bots. So enter new girls on the block: f(x).

If a song is hot enough, I'll roll with it. And f(x) have won me over with their first. Though Girls' generation could have sung it and I wouldn't have known the difference. It definitely sounds like something they would've released had SM not given f(x) the song. It is hot though. No idea what the hell a 'la cha ta' is. But the song is good.

The video was a bit hit and miss. It was like a budgeted version of Britney's "Circus", mixed in with a bit of Leona Lewis' "Forgive me". But the f(x) girls looked nice and I wasn't drawing direct comparisons to other girl groups in the game, which is a good thing I guess. Something about the way these girls moved, were dressed and did their thing in this video reminded me of BoA. There were point in the video where I felt like I was watching 5 BoA's prance around. Strange! Probably just me though.

I gotta mention Amber. She looks like a man. A more manly version of Teppei Koike to be exact. I had to Google and Wikipedia the group to make sure she was a female and that SM entertainment didn't sneak a male in there. The dudes in Super Junior look more feminine than she does! If this is how Amber rolls generally, then props to SM for not trying to glam her completely and change her. But she does look like she's about to cut a tree with a manual saw, then hammer some dry wall; and looks like the odd one out in the group because of it. It'll give the group an angle if nothing else. Even if it's "Oh! You mean that group with the man looking chick in it!?"


  1. I didn't find the song catchy enough. And the girls were standard enough except for Amber. SHre really stands out.

    There are way too many girl groups in Korea though. It's ridiculous.

  2. They aren't the Female SHINee, apparently they are coming out in 2011.

    LACHATA is very catchy and I do like it. I thought I wouldn’t like their song but somehow, f(x) has managed to make LACHATA stay in my head and end up on my i-pod.

    But I heard their other song, Mr Boogie and would love that more instead. I personally only like Victoria and Sulli more though.

  3. This Song Sucks BIG TIME!!!!!

  4. Not My Type Of Music Kinda Blah!!..............


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