Music video: Super Junior M - Super girl

Let's run around the bush and not beat it. This song is "Sorry, sorry" with a techno vibe and 50% less auto tune. I still like the song though. I'm not sure why Ryewook sounds like a woman on a Chinese market stall during his verse though. But Kyuhyun (as he always does) vocally owns the whole song.

The video was like a mix of "Sorry, sorry", "It's you", with a bit of the SNSD-bots 'Let's act fools in a room' moments from their "Genie" music video. It was wierd seeing Han Geng take such a lead role. I forget he's even part of the group. But he was really noticeable in this music video. Playing the lead nerd and working the dance routines. He's always been a strong dancer in the group. Not the strongest. But a strong 'un. It was cool seeing him at the forefront, and the group with such a different visual dynamic.

I'm sure SNSD-bot fans noticed Jessica in this video. I'm not hot on the girl. I think she's too skinny, looks too 'Meh' and fried out with that blonde hair. But she looked really nice and cute in this video. She was working that dress and them heels. No doubt anti fans are cursing her out in a forum claiming she got bukkaked by every member of Super Junior and takes it in the arse.


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  1. I enjoyed it. But they messed up Donghae's hair.

    It's all good, there was always Zhoumi to look at (he's at 0:13)

  2. "she got bukkaked by every member of Super Junior and takes it in the arse" jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja


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