Oprah & Whitney: The interview

The long awaited interview that had everybody talking for weeks has finally aired for our viewing pleasure. After that mess with Diane Sawyer where Whitney was clearly still a crack head mess, Oprah got to snag Whitney at her most coherent, non-defensive and most open state. I wasn't really hyped on this interview when I first heard about it. But I checked it out due to having it shoved in my face on ever blog, and found myself hooked!

Damn. That right there was some revelations! I can't believe her shit was messin' up from as early as The bodyguard!? Whitney was a better actress than we gave her credit. Because she put up on heck of an act and fa├žade to mask it all. And hearing Bobby Brown spat on her was just wrong. She should have gone upside a n***a's head with a frying pan for that one. Oprah's face when Whitney said "He spit on me" was priceless. She closed her eyes for a minute and looked back at Whitney like "...Na-uh. Come again, a n'yuccka did WHAT!?" Getting spat in her face is just half of it. Shit gets juicer in part 2.

I don't think Whitney has ever been so warm, so open and revealing before. I always found Whitney to be quite sharp and cold. But this was a stark contrast to what she used to be. She seems so together right now. Everybody loves a story of overcoming, so it's no surprise Whitney is America's sweetheart again.

I still can't believe that Whitney was on the drugs from as early as The bodyguard. That was YEARS ago. I thought everything was fine and dandy in Whitney's world. Ha! Was it ever!? It's a shame that Whitney was on the weed and crack for so long, because it's clearly affected her voice. Even her speaking voice sounds like it's suffered. It's crazy to think Whitney got so low and hit point that she wasn't even caring about her singing career.

This interview was an insight into the darker side of the music biz. And how sometimes success can bring a fall from grace that can send you down onto your ass and into the lowest of lows. We've seen it happen to chicks like Britney and take lives of dudes like Michael Jackson. No matter how much of the industry darling you are and how much success you have - you're not immune to the trappings of fame. Those who manage to make it through deserve medals.


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