The Sugababes (-1) perform "No more you"

Keisha's last performance as a Sugababe
The Sugababes have been popping up everywhere in promotion of their seventh studio album Sweet 7, and made an appearance at Movida nightclub to perform a new song of theirs called "No more you". The track was written by Ne-Yo and produced by Stargate. And the girls performed an acoustic version of it. It's only a short clip (unfortunately) and not the full performance. But it's enough to form an opinion on the song. The final version will more than likely have those stale as cheese "Irreplaceable" drum patterns over the top. Song does sound good though, and Heidi sounds hot. It's a shame when we hear it on the album that it won't have Keisha on it though.

It's a damn shame that Keisha is out of the group and that one of her last performances was at some nighclub with a member gone AWOL. And if it's true that Keisha didn't know she was going to be slung out of the group - then it makes this performance even more sad. Because she didn't know she'd be out of the group only days later. I rather liked that this performance was just Heidi and Keisha. Oddly it didn't seem odd to me that Amelle wasn't around.

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  1. ok lets face facts im really sad that keishas gone because i was looking forward to the new alnum but . . .
    keisha has nobody but herelf to blame for this, her luck finally ran out :P
    it was siobhan and mutya that founded the band then keisha was invited in but that didnt stop her bullying siobhan out, then when heidi joined keisha bullied her too and now she started bullying amelle!
    a lot of trouble would have been saved if the label had just kicked her out in the first place then we'd still have mutya, siobhan and heidi and how great would that be?!? :P
    when mutya left it was awful but i gave amelle a chance and despite the awfull album change (which i suspect keisha would have been in contoll over as the senior babe) i grew to like the line up but as usual keishas ego exploded and she started to see the band as a dictatorship not a democracy.
    i think of the sugababes as a kind of small kingdom, under mutya's leadership the group had their golden age but when she left and keisha (undoubtedly) took over controll things went downhill fast i think its time to give heidi a chance to lead the band into the future.
    people saying theres no real sugababes left make me sick! heidi has worked hard and made great contributions to 6 out of 7 albuums and all the biggest hits and unlike keisha she isnt a bitch she deserves respect and recognition.
    at the moment its like when somebody dies, you forget the bad points and remember the good which is whats happening with keisha but im sure once the album comes out and people have given jade a chance the fans will be hahhp :P . . .


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