Adam takes 80's gay glam to the next level for his album cover

Adam Lambert's 'For your entertainment' album cover
How 80's and gay did Adam and his people want this shit to look!? They may as well have run with this all the way and had Adam in a silver sequinned jumpsuit, straddled by a naked man covered in rhinestones. Although I'm sure there's an image of that shit in the inlay.

I know the Lamber-stans are going to defend this shit and say "But it's only a cover! Adam looks stunning!" But this really is a shit cover, and much more effort should go into an album cover than THIS! After all, it's the first thing anybody see's before they even hear the music, and it can set the tone for the music visually; much in the same way a music video does. Adam is gay. He's flamboyant. He loves the 80's. He loves glam. We get it. But this cover is a mess. And by using so much blue on this cover, they downplay Adam most striking feature (aside from his gayness) and that's his eyes. Dude has piercing blue eyes. But you wouldn't know it look at this shot.

Any straight guy who was planning to buy this album is probably going to want to buy it off Amazon or 'Cause they sure as hell ain't gonna want to walk up into their local HMV or Wal Mart to go buy it.


  1. LOL!

    Yeah Adam tried defending it and said that it was deliberately campy and ridiculous as an homage to the past. BUT if he wanted to do that, it could have been executed a lot better. I understand he was going for androgynous (ala Bowie), but this isn't it. He looks WAY too feminine!

    I'll be getting my copy off iTunes, and not just because of the cover, but because it comes with bonus track.


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