Alexandra Burke's "Bad boys" performance on GMTV

Alexandra Burke's 'Bad boys' performance on GMTV
Alexandra Burke made a stop at the UK's early rising breakfast show GMTV to perform her first original single "Bad boys". The performance wasn't electrifying. But Alexandra was pulling shapes and swaggin', which is more than can be said for previous X-Factor winner Leona Lewis. I'm also glad to say that Flo'rida was absent from this performance. The last thing you want on a weekday morning is that n***a jumping around on a stage on your TV.

Alexandra was moving pretty good and was turning it on right when she needed to. She has a great deal more stage presence than Leona Lewis, who is about as interesting to watch as a toilet roll tube. Section of the song was blatantly mimed. Something that was immediately noticeable whenever Alexandra was dancing and the vocals were suspiciously unwavered despite her swinging her wig around and playing hopscotch up on the studio floor.

I can't say I'm looking forward to Alexandra's debut album. Everything I've heard off of it so far sounds like shit. "Bad boys" is probably gonna end up being the best sounding song on the bloody thing.


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