Alicia Keys' new promo shot for 'The element of freedom'

Alicia's 'The element of freedom' promo shot
The ring and spikes on the knees are probably in case she see's Mashonda coming down the street. So she can punch a bitch with a ring on and stud home girls' stomach and vagina. When you home wreck, you need to be on your guard for the woman scorned.

Alicia's single "Doesn't really matter" isn't doing too good chart wise, which is what may be responsible for her fourths tudio album The element of freedom being pushed back. I'm not all that surprised that Alicia's single isn't doing to well. As nice a song as it is, it's a slight variation of "No one". No more, no less. And we don't really want to be hearing that 4 years after the first song got played to death.


  1. I'm glad to see she's done away with that braided, curly hair nonsense. She looks MUCH more attractive this way.

    This picture has me saying, I'd do Alicia Keys. Preferably a menage with Kuri, but either way...


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