Bada performs "Yes I'm in love" on M-Countdown

Bada performs 'Yes I'm in love' on M-Countdown
Bada performed her second single "Yes I'm in love" on M-Countdown. Unfortunately she was Taec-less due to 2PM removing themselves from the face of the planet ever since Jay's departure from the group. So Bada had to handle shit on her own to a sea of fan girls who were probably sat with their lips quivering at the sight of the beastly one's no show.

The performance was pretty boring. Either Bada didn't have enough time to put together a better performance, Bada couldn't be bothered, or Bada got punk'd with a whack choreographer. All she did was stand there and punch her fist into the air.

Bada's vocals were okay, but pretty whiny and shaky at times. At least there's no mistaking that she sang live, unlike the 'Did she or didn't she?' "Mad" performance conundrum. The chick can sing though. And the album recorded version of "Yes I'm in love" has her sounding really, REALLY strong to the point she gives me shivers when I listen to it. I didn't know Korean chicks could go there with the vocals how Bada does on the song.

Due to 2PM keeping a low profile and pretty much exiling themselves from the spotlight right now, Taecyeon wasn't on hand to perform the song with Bada. A real shame. Taecyeon would've made this performance that bit better and given somebody for Bada to bounce off of on stage. "Yes I'm in love" shits all over "My ear's candy" every day of the week. It's a much better song and Taecyeon's rap is better on it too.


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