The Beyondroid got Gaga on her "Video phone"

Beyoncé got Gaga on her 'Video phone'
The Beyondroid and Lady Gaga are set to team up for Sasha Fierce's music video for "Video phone". At first it was reported Gaga would just make an appearance in the video. which led to speculation that Gaga could actually be on the track. Turns out Gaga will feature on a remix of "Video phone" and also star in the video. Oddly enough the remix of "Video phone" will not be featuring on the Platinum edition re-release of the Beyondroid's I am... Sasha Fierce. "Video phone" is one of those songs that is so rubbish that it's the best thing ever. So I'm actually quite glad it's becoming a single. I think it should have been released it earlier if anything. And to think: I HATED the song with a passion when I first heard the album.

The video has gotta be hot. I mean: The Beyondroid and Lady Gaga, directed by Hype Williams!? C'mon now. This video best not suck. I do not want to see the B'droid, Gaga and a miscellaneous chick dancing up in some room with the lights out in black and white. I wanna see swagger, hawt dance steps in some stupid ass heels, fly ass dresses, and enough weave to make the Snuffleupagus look like his shit is going bald up on Sesame street. And Hype needs to throw it back to the fly videos he was running shit with in the 90's. Not some helicopter shot of some mountain. With any luck the moves and n***a's in Tutu's in this video will get included.

"Video phone" is complete garage. But it's that good garbage that can go the distance. And if Beyoncé can turn it out for the music video with Lady Gaga, there's no reason why it can't. And could you imagine a live performance of it too? Swagged out! Bitches would be fighting on that stage.

As much as I now like "Video phone" and am glad it's a single. I think it's a shame that "Smash into you" is being forgotten about. That's the one song on the album that I think needs to be a single. B's skank song writing claims aside - the song is pretty amazing. One of Tricky, The Dream and the B'droid's best by a long shot.


  1. Hopefully GaGa don't show up Beyonce in her own video, lol. I'll probably be more interested in a live performance, since that's where GaGa shuts it down most of the time. Although, in the sex department, Beyonce's definitely got her beat, with them legs and ass!


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