Brandy + phone + auto mobile = HELL to the NO!

Brandy on her celly in the whip...
Oh Lord. Say it ain't so! Brandy on her phone. In a vehicle. And a RANGE ROVER at that! I hope Brandy pulled her shit over before taking that call. Because she should NOT be talking up on her phone whilst driving. I don't think she should be driving a Range rover so soon neither. Because she could mow people down GTA style in that car without realizing or scratching the paintwork. You can't feel shit when you're in a Range Rover. And can't see nothing unless it's 7 foot tall. And it goes without saying, whoever gets hit with a range rover is dead. Even if that shit is rolling with the hand brake down and goin' 3 miles an hour, the person it hits is ending up paralysed and in a coma with a broken arm and leg.

I hope to God Brandy was not being reckless and driving whilst up on her mobile phone. Especially after Brandy's auto mobile incident last year when she failed to keep her long distance and killed a human which then shattered the heart of the desceased. Which not only caused the deceased's family's world to get torn down, but had Brandy's shit fall off too.

Album review: Brandy's Human


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