Crystal Kay kicks it with her fellow M-Flo member

Verbal and CK of M-Flo ;P
I always kid how Crystal Kay is an honorary member of M-Flo. Because whenever she's with them: be it on a song, in a music video or just in general - there always seems to be this mutual love, chemistry and camaraderie between them. M-Flo have been a part of Crystal's career for a good while now and it's nice to see how they continue to be a part of it. That's love right there.

Crystal took some time out to hang with Verbal of M-Flo on a radio show for M-Flo's 10th anniversary. Verbal's clothes look a mess, and I see him try'na put extra inches on his height with them orthopaedic stacked deck shoes. But he's with Crystal who looks hot in a retro throwback to the 80's, Debbie Harry kinda way. So he gets a pass.

I'm pissed "Over and over" didn't get to be a single. I play that shit everyday. DJ Taku knocked up a hot beat and Crystal sounds so hot over it (auto-tune and all). All it needed was a new verse from Verbal, a hot video and POW! Good to go. It could've been the perfect joint 10th anniversary collabo.


  1. Hehehe, she looks pretty cool though.

  2. yeah i cant wait for a new studi album from crystal and to see what style she goes with next :P i just got her new best of album a couple of weeks ago and <3 it so much, there so many CK tunes ive never heard :P
    especially <3 eternal memories, i cant believe she was 13 when she made that! x


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