Crystal Kay's interview with Yoshikazu Nonomura

Crystal Kay's interview with Yoshikazu Nonomura
Crystal appeared on a TV show where she pretty much just looked hot for 10 minutes. This video isn't subbed, so the only thing you'll understand unless you can speak fluent Japanese is when Crystal or the other dude says her name. Other than that...

I didn't understand a damn word of what Crystal said. But it was nice to just sit and watch her for 5 minutes. Crystal Kay is so damn sexy. Even when she's low maintenance with a fried out frizzy do, no cleavage or leg on display, she's still sexy as hell. I want a new album from this woman. She needs to either throw her shit back to All yours, or run with the dance vibe. None of this sappy "After love ~First boyfriend~" and over long "Private dancers" crap.


  1. OMG! i watched this on youtube and im still hopin somebody traslates it! :P
    i like after love/first boyfriend but i agree its a bit to sweet but songs like over and over, step by step and helpless night are amazing and i have a feeling that crystals next studio album will put her firmly back on track :D
    i just got my copy of her new best of album in the post and cant wait to listen to it!!!!
    gotta say CK is looking fierce in the artwork :P


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