Lady Gaga's performances on SNL

Lady Gaga's performances on SNL
Gaga fever continues to engulf the nation, as she made her debut appearance on Saturday night live and gave the obligatory 2 performance. Of course, Lady Gaga didn't let the small stage and intimate setting prevent her from making sure her performances remain spectacles.


LoveGame / Bad romance / Poker face

She should have saved the orbiting dress for her "Paparazzi" performance. Standing still whilst her backing dancers, lights and smoke do their thing would have meant that Gaga could then have focused on keeping her vocals stable. And then for the second performance she should have scrapped "LoveGame" (which felt unnecessary) and just kicked off with her new rendition of "Poker face".

I do love how Lady Gaga mixes shit up with her songs. Making changes to keep them fresh. "Paparazzi" sounded hot with those new drums and "Poker face" was just brilliant. She sounded warm and vulnerable for the first time. You feel like you actually got a small insight into Stefani Germanotta and not just Lady Gaga, which was nice. She sounded great vocally. She's always surprises me with how good she can sound live when she really focuses on her vocals. These SNL performance shitted all over her stint at the VMA's, because she was much more engaging. I'm not even mad about her not going full on with her new song "Bad romance" from her The fame Monster re-release. Because her performance of "Poker face" was the absolute shit.


  1. The thing I like about Lady Gaga is that, yes the bitch is crazy on stage and puts on a huge spectacle, but she is also TALENTED! Very talented! She plays the piano, and she's got a great voice (when she has time to sing). "Poker Face" was awesome. I know what you mean about her sounding warm and like a real person.

    That might have been my favorite version of "Paparazzi". Those drums were so hot!


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