Mariah Carey stripped: Live @ NYC

Mariah Carey stripped: Live @ NYC
In lieu of Memoirs of an imperfect angel not poppin' and blowing up how a Mariah CD should do - she did an intimate live gig. Of course this was no MTV unplugged. Miming Mimi couldn't pull off an unplugged session now unless she had herself a time machine to go back to 1992 when she did the first one.

We belong together

Of course she made sure to sing this live. "We belong together" is a song that Mariah can NOT get away with miming under any circumstances. She could have a collapsed lung and a right titty infection, and I'd still expect Mariah to sing this shit live. I know I've been hard on the bitch, but she did good with this song. You can hear she doesn't have as much control over her vocals as she did before when it comes to the belts and the big notes - but she pulled them out of the bag. I forgot how hot "We belong together" was. I may have to sling it back onto the iPod for those late night rolls in the car.

Always be my baby

This will always be one of Mariah's hottest songs for me. It was from here onwards when people were like "Okay...this chick can actually do some hot R&B ish". Jermaine Dupri showed his colours with this track. Everything about it is spot on. And surprisingly, Miming Mimi didn't completely suck singing it live! She knew to come correct with a performance of this song - because I would not have forgiven her is she f**ked it up.


I love Mariah. And have been a fan of hers since "Vision of love". But let's be real and call a spade a miming ass butterfly encrusted spade: Mimi mimed the hell out of this song. It's a shame that this is what Mariah's been reduced to. It's not like "H.A.T.E.U" is a technically challenging song for the most part. The B-section could be sung by a 60 year old with emphysema and an oxygen cylinder tubed to her neck. So ain't no excuse for Mariah having mimed it. It's such a shame that a hot song has been run into the ground by Miming Mimi's bullshit performances. I've yet to catch a performance of "H.A.T.E.U" where she sang the entire thing live.

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