Mariah is preggers!

Mariah Carey is pregnant!
Everybody was speculating that Mariah was pregnant after catching home girl working some extra pounds during her stint on US TV recently. Now Mariah has said herself: she's pregnant with Nick Cannon's baby. Now THAT is what you call love lock down. Nick can look forward to those alimony payments if shit ever falls apart with Mariah.

I've never envisioned Mariah as a mother. So this seems wierd to me. But congrats to her and Nick. It'll be really interesting to see how having a child impacts her career and her music. She's only just rolled and album out the door and already I'm wanting the post baby album! I'm not entirely sure why. Any song dedicated to the baby would just consist of whispers and lyrics like the baby wrote it themselves. I wouldn't be surprised if she brought the one worded celestial type album names back. Or came with some cheesy shit like Butterfly returns, The birth of a Butterfly, The freedom of Mimi - you gets the picture.

I hope Mariah knows what she's let herself in for. Once that bump starts to get bigger, she can kiss those heels and mini skirts goodbye. Them titties are going to go AWOL and sag even lower once the baby is born. She ain't gonna have no time, or be in the mood to be putting on no bronzer and make-up when she leaves the house. And she can also kiss goodbye to the tightness too and look forward to some vaginal tearing. Unless of course she has a cesarean.

It's crazy how Nick Cannon and Christina Milian were once a couple, and how they both got with famous folk rollin' in money and locked them down with babies around the same time. They arses got upgraded. Nick and Christina's careers were pretty much dead. But now they'll be famous for being Mariah Carey's toy boy and The Dream's chick. They're living the good ass life right now.


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