Mariah's AT&t commercial

Mariah was throwing it right the way back with the curly hair and the all black, and looked hot for it. She sported a similar look during her stint at Oprah and it's one of the few occasions ever since Mimimg Mimi got them titties done where I've thought "Damn! Mariah looks HAWT!"

It'll take more than looking hot in a commercial to help her album sales though. Memoirs of an imperfect angel hasn't bombed by any means. But it's already looking like sales are gonna be tailing off quickly, and that poor single choices are gonna f**k up her shit...yet again! It's like E=MC² once again. Def Jam should've followed the Emancipation of Mimi script to a tee. Drop the throwaway club banger first ("Obsessed"), then roll out a slow 'un that knocks ("H.A.T.E.U"), followed by that catchy hot kiss off track for the clubs, cars and ringtones ("Up out my face").


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